AutoCAD software offers a variety of features that allow you to automate workflows and reduce repetitive tasks. In this lab, you’ll create action macros, develop simple AutoLISP programs, learn the basics to deploy AutoLISP files, and manage settings with user profiles. After this lab, you will have a broad understanding of how to implement automation and improve your productivity when you return to your office. This session features AutoCAD; AutoCAD LT doesn’t support AutoLISP programming.

Automating CAD removes the bottlenecks in sales and engineering.

Slash design cycle times from weeks to minutes by allowing your sellers to sell with confidence and speed. CAD automation allows reps to configure valid products in real-time with customers, while auto-generating engineering drawings and files.

CAD automation takes the guess work out of manufacturing.

Workflows that auto-generate CAD and other documents for the shop floor dramatically reduce errors while increasing quota and margin of production.

Reach beyond CAD automation and go ‘end-to-end’.

Connect sales, engineering, back-office, and manufacturing teams to control your entire end-to-end process, through integrated communications, processes, systems, and customer and order data.