Support Services

We provide user-friendly assistance for our new and existing customers whom are having technical problems with in their project or with their software or hardware applications. Our technical support team is composed of individuals that are familiar with the ins and outs of CAD IT and BIM software products.

With their knowledge, our team members are able to troubleshoot most problems that an average user experiences, minimising the downtime in order to gain maximum productivity and profits.

In order to support your business; our support engineers are engineering graduates and hold world’s leading vendor accreditation and certifications.

We understand the importance of CAD system and its effective installation and configuration which requires specialist skills and knowledge. Our support services are designed to protect your investment in order to achieve task targets therefore you can leave maintenance of your software and hardware to us. We can provide assistance in the installation of your software, hardware, or support for your BIM project or CAD system and we have package supporting your requirements. The key elements of our chargeable support service include


Software Support

Our support can provide flexible package suitable to the size and nature of your business which can provide basic online support, email support or unlimited phone support depend on the agreed level of support. This generally can cover hands on assistance through web online for installation to software deployment.

The aim of this service is that your software problems are correctly and swiftly diagnosed and resolved with minimum disruption. This service can provide assistance so you could use tour software efficiently reducing any delays in projects due to software issues.

Please note we can provide AutoCADand Revit software technical support via our phone number  interface covering basic to advanced level and or any help in using the software.


Systems Support

We at TCS CAD and BIM Solutions recognise that each customer require difference level of support for their software, hardware and operating systems. Our support services are flexible in order to adopt in various environments.


Installation Support

Setting up new computer is a challenging task now a days for busy professionals or new users which can take many hours before workstation is ready to operate.

This generally consists on downloading, software account creation, Installation, setup of a CAD or BIM software (may include device drivers and plugins, which makes the software ready for execution and for operating a computer machine to delivery to its full performance.

Installation tasks for design applications can be differ depending on your software license type, product download from internet, and installation environment as the instructions provided by vendor may provide quick overview of installation process which can be problematic for new user or professionals engaged in projects.

Our service is designed to minimise the downtime which occurs when new application is adopted such as problems with configurations, missing features, slow performing workstations, software crashing and other software-related problems.

So if you are planning to adopt new software and may possibly require help with Windows installation, software download and setup then contact us. We are experts in design software installation, software troubleshooting and configurations. Our technical team could remotely connect to your system to install the desired software, attend on-site and ensure that your computer settings are all properly set up for smooth and efficient operation.


BIM Project Support

Our BIM consultants are highly qualified and trained professionals whom can assist in setting up collaboration and coordination workflows using latest and specialist AEC and BIM applications where BIM workflows are integrated into your all design services, progressing your team toward in achieving BIM Level 2 compliance.

We can provide advice and support in developing your BIM strategy and can work with your team members in order to implement required BIM strategy and level of BIM compliance. We can also assist in implementing it right through to your first BIM project and thereafte by offering  practical Revit and BIM software training that goes beyond the standard learning process. Our courses provide practical real world advice to help you meet your BIM deliverables.