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Our structured, easy to follow courses will ensure you get the most from your Tekla software. Ranging from basic beginners to advanced, we aim to give you the confidence and skills to be more productive. We provide both classroom instructor-led training and eLearning, if prefered, we can also arrange training courses to take place at your premises. Learn about all the latest software features in a manner best suited to your needs.

Professional Certification

Maximise your potential

Tekla’s technology creates new opportunities for the disciplines in the construction industry: Tekla Structures is the first intelligent 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) software and the most advanced on the market that provides an accurate, dynamic, and data-rich 3D environment. Essentially, the Tekla model contains all the information required from conceptual design, detailing, and manufacturing to construction of a project in a single environment.

Discover new possibilities

Tekla training and certification bring valuable and measurable rewards to structural engineers, steel detailers and fabricators, concrete detailers and manufacturers, BIM professionals, contractors, and the organisations that employ them. Once certified, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement. With your Tekla certification, it means you are qualified with an enhanced set of skills and knowledge, giving you the recognition you deserve.

Enrich your knowledge

From modeling with current and new tools to reviewing world-class projects, you will recognise and enjoy the intricacies of applying Tekla Structures once you begin your certification journey with Tekla:

  • Tekla Structures Foundation Course: This course strives to ground your basics in BIM. Besides gaining an understanding of BIM, the process and its benefits, you will also be acquainted with the different functionality and configurations of Tekla Structures and be trained in basic skills to create basic 3D models and produce fabrication information.
  • Tekla Structures Advanced Course: This course will suit Tekla Structures practitioners who have completed the Intermediate Course and are keen to proceed on to advanced certifications. Coursework will require you to apply your skills in complex settings.
  • Tekla Structures Intermediate Course: This is suitable for practicing Tekla Structures users who are keen to hone basic 3D BIM skills, and diversify and explore hands-on with realistic examples, enhancing your skills as you go along.
Trainee Pre-requisites

The Tekla Structures Foundation Course is suitable for students or working professionals new to Tekla Structures, with little or no experience in building and construction modeling and who are keen to enhance basic 3D BIM modeling skills.

For the Tekla Structures Intermediate and Advanced Courses, applicants should possess at least 2 years of basic modeling experience in building and construction.

Applicants who have attended modeling software classes in technical institutes but do not possess any work experience may be required to complete a pre-course assessment to determine a suitable course level before embarking on training with Tekla.

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