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HiCAD Africa Ltd. is an authorized training center that has been a beacon of excellence in the industry for over a decade. Our esteemed company has formed strategic partnerships with industry giants such as AutodeskSketchUpLeica Geosystems, and Tekla, leveraging their cutting-edge technology to provide top-tier training.

HiCAD’s commitment to societal development is evident in its extensive work with government institutions, institutions of higher learning, private firms, and women empowerment groups. The center has a special focus on assisting students from less privileged backgrounds, ensuring that everyone has access to quality training that keeps them relevant and competitive in an ever-changing industry, regardless of their circumstances.

One of HiCAD’s most notable initiatives is the creation of opportunities for women in construction. This initiative targets groups that have been affected by social challenges such as poverty, low-income families, and marginalized groups, providing them with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the construction industry.

HiCAD Africa LTD is not just committed to providing the best in terms of BIM (Building Information Modeling) training and construction technology but also to giving back to society. This is evident in our various programs:

  • Autodesk Student to Job Program: This program bridges the gap between education and employment, providing students with the skills they need to secure jobs in the industry.
  • JKUAT BIM Workshop: In collaboration with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, HiCAD conducts workshops to equip students with practical BIM skills.
  • National Construction Authority, Kenya Airport Authorities, National Housing Corporation and Public Works BIM Workshops: These workshops are aimed at equipping professionals in these organizations with the latest BIM skills.
  • Women in Real Estate (Women in the Built Industry) Events: These events are aimed at empowering women in the real estate industry, providing them with the necessary training and networking opportunities.

Through these initiatives, HiCAD Africa LTD continues to make a significant impact in the industry while transforming lives and contributing to societal development. Their commitment to excellence and societal development sets them apart as a leading training center in Africa.

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