3D BIM Services

Hi-cad delivers a spectrum of professional & high quality 3D BIM modeling services to home builders, retailers, architects, engineers and general contractors.

At Virtual Building Studio, we deliver the project in totality through BIM, covering all disciplines -architecture, interiors, structure, MEPF and site development. This allows the design team to pursue a truly “Integrated Design” approach.

Our BIM expert team delivers 3D BIM services from LOD100 upto LOD500 for different building types, commercial malls, recreational parks, hospitals, airports and railways, residential townships, infrastructure, industrial production plants and much more. We are well versed with LOD specifications across the world in order to ensure consistent modelling standards.

We are experts in creating virtual building models and drawings that can be used for clash detection and coordination before building on-site.

4D BIM Services

Hi-cad delivers 4D models that enable various participants (architects, designers, contractors and owners) of a construction project to visualize the entire duration of a series of events and display the progress of construction activities through the lifetime of the project.

Our BIM models are extensively used to extract quantities and 4D sequencing/phasing outputs. We incorporate parameters of the construction activity which are then added to BIM models to study & document sequencing, phasing and site management. We build these models differently using visual scheduling layering. BIM models built this way can be used to extract IFC exports, which are then integrated with various cost estimating & project management software.


5D BIM Services

Hi-cad delivers 5D models which enable various participants (architects, designers, contractors and owners) of a construction project to visualize the progress of construction activities and its related cost over time.

We deliver 5D virtual design & construction models loaded with complete information about the material requirements and costs at every stage of a construction project. Every change in the design has a cascading effect on other factors such as estimation of material quantities and thereby, the related costs.

We enable clients to take BIM to Site with drawings for execution, assembly and installation. Since we have multi-disciplinary teams working at our studio, clients get added benefits in terms of extracting integrated and coordinated drawings. Our BIM models allow for direct exports to fabrication software, enabling more off-site fabrication and “just in time” delivery.

6D Green Building Services

Hi-cad is an emerging Building Energy Modeling services provider company helping architects, builders and property developers in Green Building initiatives and LEED certification. We have expertise in eQuest modeling services for various parameters like lighting, location, solar insulation and more.

Our building model simulation services help facility managers as well as owners achieve sustainability goals for energy efficient buildings. With proper understanding of sustainability challenges and importance of occupant comfort and safety, we offer complete support throughout designing, analysis, evaluation and verification of minimum energy consumption.

Our team of specialists is well-versed with  regional codes to assist you in green building planning for necessary local approvals.

Our customized “LEED + Revit” deliverables are very useful for sustainable projects pursuing the USGBC’s LEED rating.

7D Facility Management Services

Hi-cad delivers 5D models when a construction project is ready to be closed-out. The “As-Built” BIM model contains all relevant building component information such as product data and details, maintenance/operation manuals, cut sheet specifications, photos, warranty data, web links to online sources of the product, manufacturer information and contacts.

This information-centric database is made globally accessible to the users/owners through a customized, proprietary secure, web-based environment. The accuracy of 5D BIM aids facility managers in the operation and maintenance of the facility throughout its life cycle.

Coordination & Clash Detection Services

This is one of most widely used features of BIM. Our customized clash reporting formats and clash tracking systems aid in accurate detection of clashes.

Our extensive experience of working with multiple CAD and BIM platforms empower us to deliver a clash-free MEP model for your building. We empower MEP contractors and consultants in carrying out efficient installation of MEP systems by avoiding any reworks or material wastage.

Virtual Building Studio integrates BIM model in Revit/NavisWorks to produce clash reports. A dedicated clash manager is allocated to each project, who documents and tracks the status and history of each clash.

Virtual Building Studio allocates a virtual project coordinator who conducts weekly online clash review meetings, bringing together all sub-contractors and construction managers and resolving each clash individually, till coordination drawings can be extracted from the model.

Our 3D coordination and clash detection services help contractors and engineers to complete projects within the stipulated time-frames and within specified budget.

Scan To BIM Services

Scan-to-BIM is the process of 3D laser scanning to create an accurate digital representation of an as-built environment. These 3D representations are used for renovations, retrofits, and refurbishments. We use Revit to convert data from the point-cloud to BIM models as per our client’s requirements. These 3D models for MEP services aid in early clash detection that further ensures on-time project delivery with no cost overruns.

Since a lot of current projects are renovations & retrofits of old buildings, BIM laser scanning is used to record these buildings. The focus here is on doing this most accurately and efficiently, in the shortest possible time. Depending on the project, we optimize the level of detail in which the point cloud information is converted to Revit.

Our team has successfully handled a wide range of BIM projects, of varying complexities, for our clients all across the globe. We offer Scan to BIM services to companies in the USA, the UK, Australia, and the UAE. The passion for delivering exponential point cloud to BIM services to all our clients is visible in our portfolio. Our extensive reach stretches across industries including oil & gas, real estate, retail, renovations, and large scale infrastructure.


Revit Family Creation

We create, extract, standardize & manage BIM content. This includes 2D drafting details, 3D components and project file furniture. We follow a strict and accurate protocol for how the content should be built, named and accessed. The level of detail in the content is optimized so that the desired result is achieved, without making the files very slow. Virtual Building Studio specializes in creating smart content & templates for different types of project deliverables.

BIM Automation & Scripting

We provide BIM process automation services for development of software tools and solutions which benefit architectural, structural and MEPF consultants from around the world.

We believe that the integration of BIM automation is the key to working efficiently in the AEC industry. We work closely with our clients to focus on optimizing processes & increasing accuracy of the project. Implementing BIM automation and scripting tools enhance the project output with utmost accuracy, reduce cost & time, ease in cross discipline coordination, eliminate repetition modeling & drafting tasks and link up excel data with BIM software.

Additionally, BIM scripting helps architectural projects by acting as the essential missing link needed to accelerate BIM challenges within Revit and Navisworks software.

Digital Fabrication

At Hi-cad, we believe that BIM and digital fabrication have the potential to make use of digital data in the AEC industry in order to automate the manufacturing process.

Each building has several elements that are manufactured outside and assembled on-site. For instance, precast elements, doors, windows and steel structures. So, Building Information Modeling provides digital data with high accuracy and constant coordination. Furthermore, these models can be used for simulation and coordination with other disciplines. In addition, digital fabrication can also optimize the cost and erection time.

Our BIM model helps contractors and building owners in digital fabrication off-site. Thus, they can save time, money, energy and enhance the product on site.

On-site BIM PMC

Building Information Modeling is not only beneficial to architects, civil engineers and MEPF professionals but it is also useful on-site as BIM PMC (Project Management Consultancy). BIM process acts as a project management tool which integrates all trades in reality. At Virtual Building Studio, we work closely with main contractors, general contractors and ensure that all other contractors are also a part of the process where they can get BIM advantage in their area of work.

Implementing on-site BIM can be advantageous during execution phase as BIM data from model can be pushed to on-site devices to maximize the accuracy. Additionally, on-site BIM team can be useful to optimize many aspects of construction. Likewise, quantities of concrete, bar bending schedules, procurement cost management and other benefits can be achieved by using on-site BIM management.

BIM APP Development

At Hi-cad, we believe that each project is unique and has its own challenges and difficulties. So, to overcome those difficulties, we develop APIs which automate those tasks. Moreover, BIM users are already familiar with their software and its limitations so we use standard APIs and also develop our own. Hence, BIM users can overcome their software’s limitations using their known software.

GFC/IFC Drawings

Our expert architects and engineers have been producing GFC /IFC drawings of various healthcare, retail, commercial & residential buildings for many architects & engineers from across the globe. With a fair understanding of the global codes, we deliver GFC drawings which comply to client-specific drafting standards. Right from challenging the design to time-consuming drafting work, we do it all and have an excellent ROI for our clients as we are the domain expert.

Shop Drawings

Shop Drawings are produced out of a coordinated BIM model utilizing the conceptual designs and specifications. These 2D Shop Drawings are the outcome of the well-coordinated BIM process. BIM Services LLC produced shop drawings can be used to initiate layouts in the field by utilizing the information in these drawings. Information items that are part of the shop drawings provided by BIM Services include, but are not limited to:

Bottom of Pipe (BOP)/Bottom of Duct (BOD)
Top of Pipe (TOP)/Top of Duct (TOD)
Direction of Flow
Offsets Locations
Reference Notes
Dimensions from the nearest wall/column
SECTIONS/Isometric views
3D VIEWS & Details
Penetration drawings
Equipment Pad layout
Hangers and Sleeve details
Block-out locations
Trimble Field Points/Field Point Layouts
Our shop drawings have information for project stakeholders based on Product Data Submittals, Construction Documents and Specification sheets. We produce the highest quality of Shop Drawings that go through a team of quality checking experts ensuring fewer and lesser queries from the field teams.

Fabrication Drawings

Virtual Building Studio prepares fabrication/spool drawings from BIM models for accurate on-site or off-site prefabrication, making installation easier and faster. Spool/fabrication drawings act as a guide for the contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors and fabricators.

We generate spool/fabrication drawings for HVAC, piping, plumbing, steel structures, precast wall, modular corridor and several other services.


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