Benefits of using 3D Modeling for your Interior Design Business.

Clients can be difficult sometimes don’t you Agree?? Whether a client owns a huge bungalow or a small apartment, they always desire to have the interiors designed just as they prefer. No one wants to pay for something they do not understand. That is why it is important that you, as an interior designer, works directly with your client to come up with a concept that will work. This is where 3D modeling comes to the rescue in more than one way. You will need to  be able to help your client explain his/her ideas so that you will have something to go off of to turn their ideas to a reality. You will need to have the Interior Design Balance in order to offer the best interior design in Kenya

What is Interior design balance?? You may ask?

One of the essential concepts in 3D interior design and interior design overall is balance. In interior design, balance represents an equal visual weight distribution throughout a certain space. However, not all the balance is the same and it can be approached in different ways. There are 3 styles of balance in interior design including:

  • Symmetrical

This kind of balance was mostly used in traditional interiors. In this style, it is typical to find the same objects in similar positions located on both sides of a vertical. For example, you can always see older room designs where there are identical mirrors on both sides. This kind of balance is based on the human form and this is why it’s comfortable for people to live and spent time in this type of setting.

  • Asymmetrical

The asymmetrical approach is currently very popular. The balance with this method is achieved with different objects which have the same visual weight and affect the eye in a similar way. This kind of balance creates a more casual image, but it can be more difficult to create. With this kind of asymmetry, more movement is promoted within the space and this creates more lively interior designs.

  • Radial

With radial symmetry, the balance is achieved by arraying all important design elements around a certain center point that is previously determined. A simple example of a radial balance is spiral staircases where the staircases go in a circle around a center and never go further away from it.


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With that said, let’s get right back to why You, as an Interior Designer needs 3D modeling.

With the boom in technology, we have been able to create imaginations much more identical to reality. The best example of imagination turning into reality is 3D modeling, which has changed the world of architectural rendering and presentation. 3D modeling is pulling out the multi-dimensional images, the details, and specifications, putting it on paper to see how it works out and make any changes required as the design develops. The impact of 3D architectural rendering services and teamed up with the latest technology is undoubtedly the most transforming things to have happened in the architecture sector.

Simply put, you don’t need to bother yourself drawing countless images on a piece of paper for your ideas, you can do it more conveniently in interior design software. However, this has created stronger competition and people simply do a better job today. This means that making a name for yourself is important.

I am going to give you very essential points why you should implement 3D modeling in your interior Design Business and interior design in Kenya in general in order to take it to the next level.


1.      Client Presentation, visualization and Approvals.

Earlier, client presentations and getting approvals was the most dreaded process, as it became extremely difficult to make client visualize the interiors from handmade 2D sketches. However now with 3D spaces, the client not only understands the design but is also very sure about what kind of changes she/he needs in the design so as to fulfill his envisioned requirements.

The realistic visualizations make it very easy for both the client and the interior designer.

2. Interior Design 3D Model Library Development for Professional and DIY Help.

When it comes to acquiring items for home interiors, 40% of consumers resort to online surfing and buying products they want. Online home decor product retailers can develop a 3D interior design model library and an interior design application that allows their clients to choose color schemes, furniture pieces, wallpapers and all the upholstery as required and buy it off the shelf immediately. These ready to use products enable clients to adopt DIY approach and yet design the best interiors, and also increase revenues for online stores and brands.

You can collaborate with Furniture designers, home décor product manufacturers, manufacturers of bathroom fittings, light fittings etc, to outsource 3D modeling services to create an extensive product library that can be readily used by clients for DIY – Do It Yourself.


3. Better for marketing and project approvals.

 They say- ‘ The first impression is the last impression’.

A 3D model presentation is more compelling and satisfying to a prospect than viewing a 2D drawing. The vivid picture of a 3D model stays in the brain of your client for a longer period of time. The better the impression the greater is the chance of winning the customer. Also, once the design and demand are conveyed, it will be quicker for you to build a 3D model, hence the construction business is wrapped up quicker.

4. Easy to Amend Changes, Whether It is Used Professionally or for DIY.

Within a 3D virtual environment, it is easy to choose and replace or shift objects easily. Once the demarcated house plan and 3D model is ready, a lot of experimentation and innovation can be introduced and creating multiple design options is fast and easy.

3D modeling and rendering technology has always, and is vastly affecting interior design in Kenya and is influencing the way interior designs are visualized, developed and approved. Virtual reality hence sees an increasing trend as of now. Taking it forward, now it remains to be seen as to how virtual reality that has become such a common place will be replaced by augmented reality.

5. Impact on project execution.

It becomes more convenient to complete the project and on-ground construction work at low costs and as per the design plan when you use 3D architectural rendering.

3d architectural technologies have created a dramatic impact on project execution in a very positive way. For Example:

  • Less cost growth.
  • Elimination of field interferences.
  • Fewer requests for information.
  • Less rework.
  • Increased productivity.
  • A decrease in time from the start of construction to facility turnover.
  • Fewer change orders.


6. Boon for interior designers and interior design in Kenya

Interior designing has reached new heights with 3D architectural rendering. It will help you as a designer to create a life-like model of residential or commercial space with all amenities, furniture, designs, paints, ceilings, and crafts to show your customer exactly what it would look like and get a compelling view of their dream home or office building.


7. Measurements.

A 3D design can clearly show the physical dimensions of the objects and the structure. For instance, spacing, height, and layout are designed conveniently in a 3D model. Customers can adjust the arrangements based on their sizes to achieve their objective and dream space.

8. Fewer instructions and no language barriers.

2D designs require a manual containing instructions on how to deduce design information, what the symbols and colors depict and the measurements. With the manual comes language barriers. However, understanding a 3D model is much more convenient and realistic, with no language or instruction barrier.

It is always easier and more beneficial when things get closer to reality. 3D Services have revolutionized the architecture sector and all others related to it.

 Have you learned about 3D interior design and understood why you need it to boost your Business? since interior design in Kenya right now is a hot sell. I hope this post will help you understand the essentials of this practice, even if you don’t have any knowledge about it.

Interior design is one of the most popular architectural fields today. A lot of people are looking to get into this area and learn more about it, as there are many career opportunities. Don’t be left behind! Check out our most affordable interior design course in kenya!!

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