Benefits of Revit Family Creation in 3D BIM for Furniture Manufacturers.

To remain relevant and competitive in a volatile business world, manufacturers must innovate, differentiate and be exclusive. Furniture manufacturers gain a competitive edge to furniture from Revit Family creation, as they are able to market product families with accurate dimensions, variations and sub variations on their websites in a 3D view.

Their collaboration with architects and designers improves as architects and designers download free versions of the software, customize products as per the clients’ requirements at the comfort of their home or office, without having to visit the furniture manufacturer or a physical store. These products are purchased at the final level of completion of the project, giving furniture manufacturers adequate time to calculate the amount of material and time needed to manufacturer a product.

Furniture manufacturers would render tools with AR (Augmented Reality) to create an enriching virtual experience for their clients. Revit Family Creation enables furniture manufactures to adhere to the new BIM standards and improve their portfolio both aesthetically as well as technically.

Many may ask, why not stick to 2D drawings??

This is why. Here are the challenges of 2D drawings for furniture manufacturing?

  • Standardization issues.
  • Lack of coordination and BOQ, BOM related issues.
  • Lack of trained personnel.
  • Lost opportunities to collaborate.

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Revit family services enhance the manufacturing process with the help of accurate technical information for every 3D model. But even after the production stage, furniture companies can use BIM objects for creating innovative website content and collaborating with Designers.

For example, If a furniture manufacturing company wants more orders from Designers but can’t find other contractors even before finishing projects. Interior creators can download such Revit families from various sites, put them in CAD software while developing a project and later try to find identical copies of used models during the implementation stage. Amazing Right??

In addition, many competitors in Kenya have already begun to use more advanced technologies and services that allow choosing and even virtually trying furniture in their real interiors through various AR applications without leaving their homes. My advice to you is that if you don’t start using digital technology right now, you will be irrevocably behind the industry leaders very soon.


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Let us dive right into learning how Manufacturers can benefit from Revit family creation and what they can propose to their clients with the help of 3D product models.


1.      By Putting Product 3D Models on a Website.

One of the most popular reasons for using Revit family creation services for Manufacturers is the ability to provide 3D versions of their products to Architects and Designers. Many Manufacturers use 3D models of their products along with photos for e-commerce websites as they have different purposes. A simple image demonstrates the design of an item in the best way, while Revit services help to show the technical characteristics and exact parameters of the furniture.

To do that, Furniture Manufacturing companies can put Revit families on their websites and make them available for free download. As a result, Revit family creation services allow Interior Designers and Architects to incorporate downloaded 3D objects into their Revit projects, try various options and choose the best one.

When the project moves into the implementation phase, the items used for design will be purchased for real. In this way, Manufacturers will sell more of their goods while Architects and Designers will get the accurate implementation of their project.

2.      By getting the Demonstration of Product Design in Detail.

Revit family creation services provide detailed product 3D models for demonstrating all design elements to Architects and Designers. High-quality Revit 3D objects make it possible to show all the details from different angles.

Moreover, thanks to Revit family creation services, viewers can zoom in and thoroughly examine design aspects of an item’s Revit family. Particularly, Architects and Designers will be able to evaluate textures and materials, as well as the quality of structure.

On top of that, Revit modeling services and family creation are perfect for e-commerce, as they allow potential clients to check products online without visiting physical stores.

3.      By calculating the Amount Of Materials Before Furniture Production.

Revit family services ensure the accurate calculation of the exact amount of necessary materials for the production of every product piece. The software automatically gives the result, taking into account all the technical characteristics of a 3D model.

In this way, Manufacturers will be able to avoid the waste of resources and minimize the budget spendings during the production process. This information is no less valuable for Designers and Architects, who use Revit family creation services and order different 3D objects for their projects as it helps to accurately calculate the budget.

4.      Showcasing the Exact Dimensions.

Thanks to the three-dimensional quality of Revit families, the form and size of products can be shown more accurately and understandably for the untrained eye. Revit family creation services also can help to effectively demonstrate the exact dimensions to potential clients.

For example, Designers and Architects can select 3D objects that are suitable for the project they are working on in Revit. While using Revit family creation services, they are able to try what fits in the layout, what dimensions are perfect for the space and make sure their plans and calculations are flawless.

5.      New Cooperation Opportunities with Designers and Architects.

Sometimes Designers and Architects need custom products instead of ready-made. In these cases, Revit family creation services help Manufacturers to create unique objects for specific projects.

They can offer 3D models based on Designers and Architects’ request and let them try it in their own developing projects. When the most suitable 3D product model is chosen, the manufacturing company can easily make the real version of the ordered Revit family.

In the end, Architects and Designers get the best option for their project at the first try, while Manufacturers don’t waste time and resources for production until the item design is fully approved.

6.      By using Revit Families As References During The Manufacturing Process.

Revit families can support and even replace drawings in the production process thanks to their accurate technical and geometrical representation of the future product. Manufacturers can not only see the numbers of parameters but also a three-dimensional realistic structure of an object based on the dimensions.

Moreover, a BIM project can be rendered from any angles which allow Manufacturers to examine all the details of furniture 3D models including a cut-out view focused on the internal structure.

Having such a thorough guide, Manufacturers are able to eliminate errors during the production stage and make the whole process more efficient.

7.      You Get Revit Family Services for Advanced AR Apps!!

Many advanced manufacturing companies use Revit family services to create their own apps that will attract a more progressive audience. For example, there is an innovative AR software that allows users to see how a particular piece of furniture will look like in their interior.

Besides, similar but more complicated apps were invented for Architects and Designers. They allow putting Revit BIM objects right inside their projects in progress – 3D floor plans, live floor plans, construction BIM projects, etc.

As we have seen, Revit families creation services are an effective way to not only present the technical aspects of products in the most understandable way but also to start more collaborations with Architects and Designers. BIM can be used to create advanced content that will open up a completely new market segment and audience in order to overtake the competitors. Moreover, with the help of Revit family creation, furniture and millwork companies can create custom 3D versions of items for specific projects on request of Architects. Both options lead to more orders and sales as well as new ways to engage collaborations with the target audience.

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