3D visualization is the process of creating 3D models of real-life objects by using 3D software. It allows physical objects to truly appear on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. This technology is applicable in creating CGI in animation movies and games, archiving, and preserving cultural relics and ancient architectures.


With innovative 3D scanning solutions, we support software architects, designers, 3D artists in 3D visualization for creating high-quality and highly precise 3D models quickly.


Generally, each part of a 3D model is owned by one engineer in a team, and it is not available for all to work on a part at the same time. 3D scanning can help to generate a complete 3D model available to all engineers in a team. With a precise 3D model at hand, visual artists can explore different ideas and create different versions effectively.


3D scanning is also perfect for digitizing cultural artifacts. It aids to store 3D information digitally which can be accessed in the future to conduct maintenance. The 3D information can also be used for virtual museums so that people can explore the charm of ancient culture anywhere and anytime.

Market Segmentation

3D Visualization Market Analysis, by Application

  • AR & VR (Training, Marketing etc.)
  • Safety and Training
  • Marketing & Sales Animation
  • Post Production
  • Product and Process
    • Operational Procedures for Drilling Wells
    • Casing Installation
    • Cementation Processes
    • Oil and Gas Extraction
    • Refining Processes
  • Transportation

3D Modeling Market Analysis, by Solution

  • 3D CAD Modeling
  • 3D BIM Model

3D Modeling Market Analysis, by Application

  • Structural Designing
    • Piping
    • Civil/ Foundation
    • HVAC Ducting
  • Integrated Analysis & Material Take-off Reports
  • Equipment Designing
  • Equipment Modeling
    • Vessels
    • Pumps
    • Launchers/ Receiver
    • Others
  • Intelligent Grid

3D Data Capturing Market Analysis, by Application

  • 3D Laser Scanning (Static)
  • 3D Handheld Scanners
  • 3D Aerial Scanning
  • Sensors

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